In waking up to a whole new way of being... how do you support yourself through deep change?

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The Universe is always sending us signs as to what choices are in alignment with our deepest purpose.

If we are not paying attention, the Universe will get louder and eventually start throwing bricks – we lose our job, lose a relationship, have health issues, etc.

We are in a period of a ton of collective brick throwing.  Are you seeing this in your life?  Read my BLOG here for tips, tools & my own personal journey of showing up in the midst of massive change.




*** Looking for community?  Twice a year, I lead a 6-month DIVINE WOMAN CIRCLE open to 10 women only.  CLICK HERE to sign up for the next one starting in February 2019 – they fill up fast!


*** Check out my MONTHLY TUNE-IN, a guest blog for This Organic Girl where I give a brief overview of the energies to work with each month.



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You sense the structure of your life doesn’t fit who you are inside anymore.  It’s time to muster up the strength and take the leap to jump in alignment with your emerging self.

Transformation is hard.  We can feel alone and it’s important to have a supportive guide who has been there.

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