fear, courage, action…

Posted by on Jul 27, 2016

This path requires courage. This path of stepping out of the boxes we’ve put ourselves in… for whatever reasons – to please others, to win approval, to fit in, because being “this way” is what you’re supposed to do, because we didn’t have any other way modeled for us, because it’s easier to be part of the herd, etc.

I have been through massive change in my life. Upon recent reflection, I realize much has been required of me to continually step forward. One of my mentors recently stated that 80% of success (however you define that word) is based on the ability and willingness to not only step outside of your comfort zone but to also sit with what comes up when you do that. I’ve heard this in many different iterations before and recently re-committed to doing just this.

Do my inner voices quiet? No, actually they get much louder. A few examples “you are not intelligent”, “you will be alone if you do this”, “no one will like you”, “you should be ashamed of yourself for wanting to be seen”, “you don’t know what you’re doing”, “you are not good enough”, “nobody cares what you have to say”, “it’s not perfect, so you should wait to do it until it is”, “later is better”, and on & on.

Maybe you can relate to some of these. The way my particular structure works is that one of these voices will show up and I’ll either feel an immense amount of shame within me or I’ll get fuzzy and go a bit unconscious. The shame many times derails, sending me right back to my comfort zone with my tail between my legs. The fuzzy sensation causes me to step into habitual patterns that I do without thinking, such as distract myself: phone a friend, eat, find something unrelated to do, spin my wheels, gravitate towards tasks that are not important, etc.

So how does one step forward in the face of this internal barrage? This is where the courage comes in. I first feel the shame. I notice it and kindly say “oh, there you are”. Then I breathe with it until it passes. It’s taken some foundation setting & shadow excavating to separate enough to be able to see it and not be swept away by it.

I remind myself of the way I want to feel and the life I want to live – in alignment with my highest self, in integrity with my truth & joyfully serving the greatest good. If the voices/ shame/ fuzziness are particularly strong, I will incorporate the self care techniques that I’ve cultivated yet need to be reminded of again & again – journaling with the fears, giving them space, meditation, breathing slowly, yoga, touching my heart, reaching out to my support team or stepping out into nature – to name a few.

Then action. Moving through the fear by taking a step outside of that circle of comfort. I practice this every day – it’s like building a muscle. The more I practice, the more I realize how moving through our greatest fears can yield the most delicious abundance & gifts along the path. Large amounts of energy are freed from the fear, the boundaries & boxes, the walls of separation. Energy that can be repurposed towards living the life that is possible for each & every one of us. More synchronicities show up & I start living once again in the flow, realizing intimate connection to the greater whole.

Some of my personal action examples as of late… sharing my fears and challenges with others, stepping out of a commitment with a friend to take care of myself, saying no to an offer to teach at a new studio though the “should’s” were screaming in my head, posting on Facebook, having a business conversation standing up for myself and what I paid for, showing up to teach with no idea of what I’m going to say, writing this blog, being honest with someone while understanding they might not like me for it, openly considering another person’s point of view that I don’t agree with, being honest with myself, sitting with my resistance and letting it exist without closing my mind, walking up to someone my inner critic deems as “super intelligent” at a party last night and initiating conversation, the list goes on…

What is one thing you can do today that stretches you a tiny bit? Can you step through a small fear? Do it. It will most likely sting and you will see all of your “stuff” come up. However, you’ll start to cultivate an inner awareness that is crucial to expansion, you’ll start building examples that prove that what is on the other side is so worth it… living to the fullest potential possible, you’ll create the life you dream of right now in this present moment, not in some far distant “later”.  You got this, you got it, fear, courage, action – GO!