Posted by on Jan 3, 2019

Happy New Year!  


2019 will be one of setting foundations + bringing things into physical form.  The last few years have been intense.  Clearing, shadow excavating, movement without always seeing results.  We are getting closer to the end of this massive collective cycle we’ve been in… it completes in 2020.  Can you feel it?
The new moon/ solar eclipse this coming Saturday might find us delving into our shadow material yet again and forcing us to really look at it.  My sacred commitment aligns with this collective energy of building structure… it actually started ramping up about a month ago.  I have been hard at work.

And then, I went home for a week.  

Family time was a mixed bag as it tends to be… full of  joy, grief, laughter, pain + lots of opportunities to simply love threaded throughout.  My mother has late stage Alzheimers + we put her in a home this year.  So, we are in a new pattern + each navigating the shift in our own particular ways.  It has been difficult.
Upon my return, the energy of building was back full force.  And I jumped right in, completely ignoring my need to process + be with what the family week had brought. 
This moon IS about hard work, responsibility, moving slow + steady towards goals as it is in the Earth sign of Capricorn.  It is certainly helping me focus + aim.  It’s supporting me in showing up with discipline + maturity for my business.  
AND just like any other aspect of life, there is polarity… a shadow side to it that I get to work with or ignore… responsibility to the point of feeling anxious, slogging along + dragging my feet when I know there are many things to do, becoming rigid with my time + so much in my left brain thinking that I cut myself off from my creativity.  Forgetting to honor my emotions.  Forgetting to allow myself to be human.

When we consciously choose to work with an energy, we get all of it.  

Foundation building AND foundation clearing.  Shadow AND light.  Always both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.

Eclipses can leave us feeling destabilized… so setting grounding practices into place are of utmost importance.  Getting on my yoga mat every day, meditation, drinking lots of green smoothies, sleep, connecting with my support team…  I bought a 2019 planner and am writing everything in it… not only my appointments + tasks + goals, but also the lists that seem to end up on post-it notes, random pieces of paper + notebooks everywhere.

Once we commit to setting structures into place, then we actually have to DO the work.  


This is where the “non-sexy” stuff comes in.  How do you keep yourself going when it’s not feeling enjoyable?  This has been an issue for me in the past as I tend to be more inspired by creativity and sometimes have a hard time bringing my creative thoughts into physical form.  

One of the most supportive practices I’ve found is time-blocking. Setting an alarm for 45 minutes + picking ONE task to work on.  Always interesting to watch how many times I want to get up, eat chocolate, open another tab on my computer, multi-task or check my phone.  It requires a sense of humor to continually pull myself back to the task at hand.
Holding my time sacred + my task sacred also helps me in moving forward… even when I feel like I’m not.  I write my tasks in my planner at the beginning of the week to keep them top of mind and when I have extra time in my schedule, complete a task before the time disappears as it has a habit of doing.  
What helps YOU move forward despite the setbacks + obstacles + life circumstances that derail even the best of plans?  What is your commitment to yourself as we begin a new year?  Are you creating space for integrating experiences AS WELL AS intention + goal setting?
Putting one foot in front of the other is important.  Each day, reminding yourself of your goal or your WHY is important.  And, being kind + honoring the parts of you that need to feel and rest is important too… don’t lose sight of this as we begin the new year.
Best of luck to you…xo

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