Energy Healing

We are each made up of packets of vibrating energy. When this energy is flowing through us fully, we know it. We feel ALIVE, inspired and awake. It literally SHINES out for the world to see.

Our bodies have the innate ability to heal + repair themselves.  The choices we make support this process… eating healthy, managing stress, getting exercise, drinking water, slowing down, feeling our feelings, learning how to work with our mind, etc.

Energy work supports us in finding and dissolving the blocks that are holding us back from experiencing this vibrancy. It supports us in opening up the channels in the body’s systems to run more watts of energy throughout. When done in a skillful way, this process opens us up to the unlimited potential of our expanded self (the spiritual being having this human experience).

A session lasts 60 minutes. I use a combination of pranic healing, sound, guided imagery, oils, light touch and relaxation techniques to support you on your healing journey.  To support you in running higher and higher currents of this life force through the physical body to live your most expanded life yet.

Tapping into this life force supports you in:

  • navigating change & stressful situations with more ease
  • preventing disease in the body & mind
  • becoming more aware of messages from within
  • allowing emotions to run their full course without becoming trapped
  • accessing greater self-awareness

I recommend starting with 3 sessions over a 2 month period to clear any blockages + get in touch with what it feels like to run higher currents through your physical body.  I also will teach you self-healing techniques you can apply to support yourself in between sessions + when our time together is finished.

I see clients in Sandy Springs


Pricing: Package of 3 – $333 / Single Session – $125