in full bloom…

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016

In full bloomSo many new things come up with the Spring, don’t you think? This month, we’re receiving an extra boost of energy to support the multitude of changes on tap. Part of this energy comes from the placement of the planets and it might not feel very comfortable.

We are being cleaned out from within & without – on an individual level and a global scale (politics anyone?). Old fears are coming to the surface. And they seem to hold even more weight than they used to, but it’s just a mirror trick. If we can turn towards them and breathe through them, we will find they become less and less debilitating. I find when I move through each one, I see that the Universe is offering so many opportunities to work the same thing again and again until it’s not triggering me anymore.

My current personal intention is BLOSSOM… stepping into the fullness of who I am on all levels, regardless of what seems to be in disarray. I just returned from a trip to see family where I met my 1 month old niece at the same time that my mother forgot who I was. It was but one example of experiences that have been presented to help me embrace both ends of the spectrum, the pain of life and the joy all at once. Really, one doesn’t exist without the other and though I’ve read about this and understood it intellectually for years, I am feeling it integrated into my whole being at this time.

Using the practices of breathing, being kind with myself, creating space and taking care of my body have supported me in moving forward, not only without falling apart but also by touching into that joy in the midst of the pain. My mother is full of truly childlike wonder on some days and that makes me smile.

Are you finding experiences in your life pushing you to a breaking point? Holding on by your fingernails to the semblance of normalcy you THINK means you have it all together? It’s a great time to gather your tribe of support (including yourself) and LET GO. Maybe one finger at a time (baby steps). Or hold the hand of a trained professional as you face your own shadows.

Just trust that underneath it all, you are whole and this is all here to clear you into an expanded way of living. Know that you are not alone and this is happening collectively. We are all here with you and rooting for you.