inspired from within…

Posted by on Jan 31, 2017

“Each one of us must find peace from within.  And for peace to be real, it must be unaffected by outside circumstances” – Ghandi 

There is much bubbling to the surface these days, especially here in the states. Lots of fear, action and reaction, emotion, and a desire to affect change, to be part of the solution, to take Action in Service to the HIGHEST GOOD!!!

Ummmm, what IS the highest good?  I’m not sure I know.

Yes, I have my ideas of right and wrong that I can list for you here and we all agree there are certain things that just don’t seem human, yet… do we really know what the bigger picture is?  How can we show up and support the collective change that is taking place without adding to the old stories?  How can we move forward from a place of conscious response instead of fear-based reaction?

I do know…

that my foundational practices are of utmost importance right now:

  • meditation
  • getting into my body
  • breathing
  • connecting to kindness and compassion towards myself and others
  • remembering that we are ALL evolving souls, no exception. 


And though some seem lost, we are each most responsible for how we individually show up in our lives, not responsible for convincing someone they are wrong.  I have had several opportunities in my own individual sphere to turn towards the new way of being…

Just yesterday, a differing of opinion in a business relationship that might greatly affect my bottom line.  My belief that the other person is stuck in the “old” lack mentality and I am coming from the “new” way of oneness & abundance (implied in this is that they are blocking me from moving forward fully).  I’ve been here before in this relationship.  In past similar experiences, I felt lots of emotion and got entangled in the pointing fingers game that led absolutely nowhere.  However, if I am truly to live what I am preaching, I must let go of the thought that the other person is doing anything to me at all.  I must release them to feel what they feel and believe what they believe and turn towards my own experience.

When I do that, let go of the story and truly connect with my breath & body, there is something different going on.  In the greater scheme, I can see that this is a gift.  It’s actually propelling me into taking the steps for myself that I’ve been moving toward, but stopping just short of actualizing.  It’s actually pushing me into showing up fully, going inside, getting clear & taking action that feels in alignment with my center. 

Yes, there are parts of me that want to make a story of how I’m right and this person is wrong.  They are desperately trying to grab my attention and pull me in.  I cannot push those parts away or tune them out.  What I do instead is bring my awareness to them and have very kind conversations with them: “dear, we are all here doing the best that we can with what we have.  I hear you and your frustration.  I breathe with you.  How about let’s turn our attention towards what we can do?”  Several times I do this (and it’s been a practice over many situations and many times).  Then the words to my heart: “stay open, do not close in fear.  Stay open”. 

This time is different… 

The whole process takes a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.  I feel clear enough to see what gift this is bringing and strong enough to take action without unnecessary force or need to control.  I can breathe and even smile.  I bow my head in gratitude to grace and the opportunities that my life has provided me with to strengthen these muscles.  Every time, not knowing what gift the struggles, trials & tribulations were bringing me.  I see the fruition of this one and am amazed. 

Ultimately, I believe change starts from within.  Does this mean we don’t take action, of course not.  It means we take a closer look at our own lives.  See where we are playing out smaller versions of what is happening in our media.  What about the relationship with our families?  Our co-workers?  Our friends?  What about the most challenging of them… how do we handle ourselves in conflict with our very personal sphere? 

Bringing the light of awareness to, staying present with and shifting our “old” responses go a long way into shifting the way our world looks.  This takes practice and lots of gentle patience.  Don’t mistake this for weakness… it requires tremendous amounts of courage and strength to look within and work with ourselves in this way.

I think there are many beautiful things happening right now and many terrible things happening. And from great chaos, a new way will be born.  Will that be a better way?  I certainly hope so.