Posted by on Mar 4, 2019

For a long time, I didn’t know how to tap into my intuition.  I felt like I was exempt from this inner guide, this sense that so many others had.  I didn’t even know where to begin to access it.


Many of us were brought up in a culture that prompted us to look outside of ourselves for answers.  The age of the guru. It was implied that we seek out the advice of our doctors, religious + political leaders, parents, teachers, etc. and internalize what they said as fact.  Once we inhaled certain thoughts/ beliefs from the external, they became part of the programming that prompted our actions, the lens we saw the world through, the inner voice that told us what we should do in any given moment.


This culture was based on a hierarchical model where the inner guidance of individuals were squelched as they threatened the status of the guru.  The people that I was looking to/ modeling myself after were operating from this linear, rational way of thinking. Black + white, good or bad, right or wrong.  When you notice yourself thinking in this way, it’s a pretty good indicator that you are NOT open to your inner guide.


Not only has the collective not supported the cultivation of our inner guidance, but the rise in technology has actually moved us away from it as well.  Information overload. With all of the positive benefits faster technology brings, it has also brought more mind clutter, dulled brain, a sense of needing to do everything yesterday.  We have access to millions of people, their opinions + their lives with the tap of a just a few keystrokes. We can lose ourselves completely in other people’s worlds… moving us away from our innate intuitive abilities.


HOW do we move towards the inner guru?  HOW do we tap into our own inner guidance?  And WHY is it necessary?


When I first started teaching yoga, leading retreats + speaking in front of people, I would plan out exactly what I was going to say each time.  I would stick to the plan rigidly and it worked for awhile. It helped me to stay on track and make sure I was conveying what I wanted to. However, after time, I found when I allowed myself space to see what wanted to come through, more people would come up to me and share “that is exactly what I’m experiencing right now”,  “It was as if you were speaking directly to me”, “I literally had this question in my head yesterday”. By trusting that there was a larger part that “knew” better than the human, ego-driven me, it opened up a whole new experience for both me + my clients/ students.


The times we are living in are asking for us to develop our own inner guide.  When we listen within, we fall into alignment with our individual purpose, with the gift that only we can share with the world.  When we step into this space in ourselves, it vibrationally sets the tone for others to fall in alignment with their own inner guide as well.


I’ll share a few practices that I’ve found valuable, but first… I want to make a few statements that might de-bunk some classic misnomers about intuition.

  • Intuition is not just relegated to a few… we ALL have it (women AND men)
  • It is a sense, like hearing or seeing, that can be developed and refined
  • Intuition doesn’t only have one way that it shows up
  • Information that comes through right brain perception can come in strange ways
  • It is quieter than our emotional drama or reactive thoughts
  • At first we might not understand or know how to see it, so we can dismiss it
  • We don’t receive all of the picture with intuition, mostly just the next step or a few steps ahead


Some of the ways intuition can come through… hearing a clear inner voice, feeling body signals (ex: goosebumps or butterflies), seeing signs, symbols (ex:repeating phrases, numbers), the natural world (ex: animals showing up at certain times), through journaling, direct inner knowing, visions, flashes or dreams, smell (ex: whiff of familiar makes you choose certain experience), taste (bad taste in mouth directs you away from), synchronicities + coincidence.


Practices to heighten intuition:

  • Create space in your day + mind.  We have 80-90K thoughts per day and the majority of them are the same thoughts we had yesterday + the day before.  As we are inundated with noise from news, media, Netflix, podcasts, advertising, societal + familial conditioning, etc., many thoughts that aren’t even ours bounce around in our sphere.  Thoughts can be loud and that’s a lot of clamoring going on inside. Intuition and inner guidance is softer + more subtle. If we don’t create space, we will have a hard time accessing it.
  • meditate
  • sensitize your body to tap into its signals (ex: yoga, tai chi, walking in nature, mindfulness practice – being present with + tracking sensations)
  • when you receive an intuitive hit, a gut feeling or an a-ha, speak it out loud to yourself or someone else.  Does it resonate? Do you feel expansive or contracted? This is a great way to see whether it is coming from inner guidance or ego.
  • art, listen to music, play, record your dreams, dance
  • do exercises where your limbs cross the centerline of your body (helps turn on both sides of the brain)  
  • practice trusting + following your intuition.  The more you follow it, the more it will show up.


Developing + following your intuition requires courage.  

Courage to make different decisions. Many times it guides us AWAY from the status quo or societal/ familial programming inside.  Our minds can freak out at this. Our higher self, deeper wisdom, intuition WANTS us to GROW, wants us to live in more alignment with our soul or higher self.  It invites us to look truly and authentically at our circumstances and make choices that support this growth.


If you’re wanting to explore this topic further, I recommend The Intuitive Way, The Psychic Pathway or Second Sight.  Good luck!