invisible planes & pure potentiality…

Posted by on May 30, 2015

Sitting on the runway at JFK watching planes take off.  As soon as they do, they disappear, moving behind the clouds on this hazy day.  Or truly becoming invisible.  I choose to believe the latter.  Many amazing things are invisible… like Wonder Woman’s plane.  We all know her plane is there… how else would she be able to fly such amazing distances so quickly & be such a bad-a$$?

There is also the invisible space between objects in our physical world.  Many of us have believed that this space is empty, allowing our worlds to be defined by what we can see.  However, physics shows us what many spiritual teaching have been leading us towards for thousands of years, that the space is actually quite full.  What we can see only makes up .0000001% of matter.  The rest, meaning 99.9999% of it, is the space of pure potentiality, of waves and frequencies of energy.  Philosophers and scientists have referred to it as the matrix, the field, the current, etc.

I read a young adult series called The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, about a year ago.  In it, the King of the Enchanted Forest could alter ‘reality’ by reaching out and plucking the strands of thread that ran throughout the whole forest.  I think about space like that… full of waves of energy, vibrations that might look like an infinite number of threads.  Everything, all possibility, is here right now for us.  All we have to do is center ourselves in the present moment, reach out and touch the thread connected to it and it is here manifest physically.  The stories of our childhood are real, as real as the computer you are reading this on that is connecting you to the internet through these waves of energy.  And we can alter them in any way we can conceive of IF we can imagine it.  We are only limited by the mental constructs that we ourselves hold onto.

We can alter our memories (and in fact do every time we remember something from the past).  We are re-imprinting it into our cells and our bodies every time we think of it.  It’s easier to see this when looking on the outside – have you ever had a long time friend whose stories you have heard told over and over again throughout the years?  Do you notice the subtle shifts and embellishments that happen each time the story is repeated?  We do that on the inside too.  This is not only the stuff of fairytales & superheroes, it is reality, which we shape and morph through our thoughts, beliefs, emotions & habits.  The adage “to see what your world will look like tomorrow, look at your thoughts today” is absolutely true.

My practice right now is to stretch my mind & my imagination, to really stretch it.  What can I dream of and envision that is not already here in my physical seen world?  My brain feels at first like a shoe stuck in molasses.  Suctioning out seems sluggish, resistant even.  However, as I stretch & practice, ideas move through faster.  What about this, and this, AND THIS?!?  I am manifesting at lightning speed – mental constructs, thoughts, ideas, beliefs – moving as fast as Wonder Woman’s plane.  As soon as they come up, I catch them and release, making way for the next.  Wheeeeeee…

Now it is our turn to take off.  Instead of the plane disappearing, the whole city of New York does.  I smile in delight.  Anything is possible.