“My experience at the Divine Woman Retreat was delicious!  The setting was magnificent, facilities were perfection.  Natalie is an incredible gift to me, to all women.  Her insights, her nurturing ability with guiding hearts, minds & bodies will forever impact my life.  This experience has totally energized me to take charge of the next chapter of my life & to stay in touch with my body, mind & soul.  I connected with so many women, kindred spirits, from all backgrounds and walks of life.  This special treat to myself made a lasting impression.  Thank you!” – Valerie Daniels

“I truly enjoyed being a part of this circle. The magic that happens in this forum is sacred and there is an unfolding that comes home with you each month” ~ Allison

“I highly recommend Natalie as a life coach. I have participated in several therapy groups as well as attended many sessions with counselors in my adult life. In addition, I have done a lot of “work” on myself in educational training programs as I am a counselor in the medical field. I participated in life coaching with Natalie after knowing her several years as a yoga teacher. Her healing presence drew me to her initially and the life coaching series helped me immensely in many ways that counseling never had. I learned to be more present to myself and meet my own needs in a fresh, new way, replacing my efforting to locate and grasp external “band-aids” for comfort and validation. The energy sessions were also very soothing and healing. I feel like fractured pieces of myself have come back together and I have become more of an agent of healing in my personal and professional life.” ~ Pamela Milici Treece

Natalie is truly a gifted healer.  She is present, intuitive, and connected with her clients, whether in a group setting or private. Her positive and relaxed attitude create a soulful space where clients can feel at ease so that the deepest work can be done, no matter what the modality.  She delivers mind/body/soul nourishment with an open heart. I would recommend her to anyone!” ~ Laura H.

“Natalie is amazing! Go to her if you’re looking for energy work. I recently had a session (my second one) with her and everything she said made perfect sense. She also made some recommendations that were easy to follow and that are really helping to heal the issue that originally brought me to her. I felt and noticed results the next day after the session and already scheduled my next one. She’s the best!”~ Marta Ruiz

“When I was journaling this morning, I was filled with so much joy and happiness… I am just so happy with my life and the changes that have happened over the last year.  And you are such a big part of that – you have brought so much positivity and support and love for me exactly as I am. You’ve encouraged me to see every step as a wonderful part of my journey. And it is made me feel happy and strong and wise. Your voice is an example of what my wise woman voice should sound like. THANK YOU!! I am so grateful for you.” ~ Kim

“I really enjoyed this retreat… the yoga practices seemed to cultivate the exact kind of energy to open me and then empower me.  I realized a lot about myself this weekend.  Naming my fears out loud helped me to see that it is possible to overcome them.  I also realize that my intuition is strong and that the universe is my teacher when I am able to stay present to what is happening around me, not just in front of me.  Open your eyes & see, open your ears & hear, open your heart & feel, open & know.  Thank you!” – Nikki

“Thank you for providing a safe space for me to hear what my inner voice has been needing me to hear!” – Jo, Nashville, TN

“Natalie is one of my favorite teachers! She is very personable, fun and very knowledgeable. Natalie possesses a deep wisdom that comes from her life experiences and shares a compassionate energy with a genuine interest in others well-being. She is attentive to all her students/clients. For as many times as I have gone to her classes, attended a retreat or met with her individually, Natalie has always been very encouraging with a positive and healing approach. Natalie poses questions and thoughts that are provocative for personal and spiritual growth. She is a very gifted teacher, healer and a beautiful human being. I am a better person for having spent time with her…grateful!” ~ Barbara C.

“Thank You for starting this amazing circle of women. 6 months ago I didn’t know what to expect, I guess none of us did.. and now I’m able to reflect on how much I have learned from this group. The space we share feels very sacred so the honesty flows and it’s really empowering and amazing. And you created all of that for us, so thank you.” ~ Dawn

““The lessons I have gleaned from my life coaching sessions with Natalie are incalculable & now deeply woven into the fabric of my daily life. With her measured guidance my life has become much more calm and I find I am better able to cope with life & its bumps & shocks. Basically, serenity reigns. Natalie brings a spiritual depth & understanding of the human condition to our sessions and I always come away believing I can tackle anything armed with the life skills she has imparted to me. The time I spend with her continues to be the greatest gift I have ever given myself.” ~ Sarah Walton

“First, thank you so much for continuing your own work.  It really comes through in the way you show up.  EVERYTHING about this retreat was exactly what I needed.  Your inner guide took care of me before you even knew me.  Everything came together & really clicked for me throughout the process.  I am so renewed.  Namaste.” – Suzanne

“My experience (for this 6 month women’s circle) was very healing as it showed me over + over the power of vulnerability. The space that was created allowed me to access parts of my truth that I have had trouble seeing on my own. Joining with other women in our truths evoked a powerful transformation in me and my ability to share my voice.” ~ Rhiannon Stone-Miller

“I thought the retreat was amazing.  The exercises were invaluable and made me feel like I had tools to go home and further explore & discover myself.  They also accessed a part of me that revealed much to myself and my soul.  I also appreciate the safe space & energy Natalie created.  It was magical!” – Kim Thai

“Have had the pleasure of knowing Natalie for years as a Coach and Energy healer. Natalie’s coaching was so invaluable to me during a stage of massive personal and career changes. Natalie is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. She is able to combine so many areas of strength that cover the spiritual, energetic, emotional, and cognitive. I like that she is able to call me out on my own issues and behaviors and has helped me to grow in so many ways over our time together.” ~ Lee N