the still point…

Posted by on Jan 28, 2016

Recently my classes have been focused on finding the inner still point. Imagine you are seated and circling your waist in one direction… my guidance is generally to pause after several revolutions before starting to circle the other way.

The last few weeks, I found myself out of sorts. Trying to accomplish forward movement and not quite getting there. Couldn’t put my finger on it, but knew I wasn’t the only one. One day in class we did the waist circles and I guided everyone to switch directions, skipping the pause in between. I noticed how jarring it felt and it suddenly hit me… this is what I was trying to do in my own life. I’ve got a taste of where I’m headed and I’m so excited about the new direction that I’m ready to be there RIGHT NOW! Can you think of a recent instance in your life that correlates? Maybe a new creative endeavor, relationship, or a new job…

What this realization reminded me of was a conversation I had around integration. To move forward in our lives in a fully integrated way, we must be willing to pause and allow all parts of ourselves to get on board, to move in the other direction ONLY when we feel the pull, the call from within vs the push from without. For me, it is an exercise in patience.

What does it feel like for you when you are being guided from within? The next time you are rushing through your day, take a moment to pause and breathe. I’ve been teaching yoga and meditating for 7 years now and still have to remind myself to breathe when I’m stressed. However, I noticed a leaps and bounds difference in the way I relate to the world since I started meditating.

If you don’t have a meditation practice, start one. Hands down, it has been the thing that has supported me the most in tuning into that inner guidance. Slowing down the barrage of thoughts and voices in my head enough to be able to recognize the spaces in between has been the best gift I’ve ever given to myself.

As I find myself pausing, breathing, feeling the old way unwind, there is a natural impulse to move forward in the new direction. And when I start to move that way, I smile at the rich feeling of knowing I am being guided from deep within.

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