Transformational Coaching

Creating foundations for taking leaps in your life.

We are waking up to a whole new way of being. Individually, that means people’s lives are falling apart, they’re going through deep change on many levels. How do you restore yourself while this is happening? How do you create resiliency in such a period of uncertainty? How do you stay true to your own power?

When going through deep cathartic change, it’s common to feel:

  • cut off from your inner guidance and uncertain
  • overwhelmed and like you have to go it alone without any support
  • tired + uncomfortable in your body
  • stuck in repeating patterns
  • unsure of how to continue stepping forward without a clear plan

Probably more than anything, you’re craving:

  • Trust + respect for yourself and the choices you make
  • Clear tools and steps to carry forward into your day-to-day life
  • A connection to your greater purpose + passion
  • A greater capacity to hear, listen and follow your inner guidance + body wisdom
  • A balanced, rich life that makes you feel excited to be living it!

Most of us were not taught how to deal with change.  And life IS change.  Most of us were not taught how to deal with LIFE – how to set healthy boundaries (AND stick to them), how to talk to the people we love while angry with them, how to process our feelings, how to feel our feelings, how to show up at work when we are in the midst of personal crisis, how to gracefully step away from experiences + relationships that aren’t working for us anymore, how to be our own best friends + so much more…

If you’re wanting practical tools, guidance, support and someone who will hold you accountable to your own potential, health + highest dreams– let’s talk!

BOOK A FREE 20 MINUTE DISCOVERY SESSION with me to see what is possible.  If we both decide it’s a go, I’ll send you an intake form and we’ll firm up the details for our journey together!

Why do I need a coach/mentor?  Because change is hard.  I provide support, accountability and encouragement as you walk your path of transformation.  Many times, you are too close to your own life to see what’s going on.  You can see it for your loved ones and other people, but get scrambled when it comes to yourself.  I provide perspective and tools for you to see the cycles you are in more clearly.

How long should I have a coach for?  It typically takes 3 months of commitment to identify + clear old habits  and 3 months for new habits to become firmly established.  I work with my clients for 3 or 6 months at a time to ensure success.  At the end of our journey together, what you put into practice will become part of your toolkit to utilize in all areas of your life as you move forward.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?  Traditional therapy has you looking at your past – uncovering, identifying and processing the past through personal introspection and analysis of the therapist.  You might address previous traumas and family issues, relationship issues, working through painful feelings and sometimes physical responses to those past experiences.  Coaching looks at where you are today and the belief systems that are creating the way you experience your world.  These belief systems might have come from the past, however the focus of coaching is on identifying the belief systems and managing your mind in this moment to affect the future.  You work with a coach on goals and action plans, on achieving desired outcomes and on specific ways to find your own motivating factors.  Therapists and coaches overlap in many areas, but coaches are not therapists and as such, do not treat, diagnose or focus on past traumas.