unconditional love

Posted by on Nov 30, 2018

this is different than the love many of us have been taught

it feels cold at first.

          But, it’s simply the absence of expectation, drama and old storylines.

To walk through the world with love,

We must love ourselves first,


What does this mean?

Look at all the shadows that are offering themselves up.

How do I do this, you ask?

See who triggers you… who you are judging… they represent a part of yourself that you haven’t owned.

Right now, we’re in a time of deep shadow excavating.

When you feel the small mean voices start in your head, turned towards you or someone else,

Love these parts.  

Listen to them as you would a child.  Don’t make them wrong or bad. Don’t stuff them down or resist them.  Don’t argue with them. Simply listen to them. And, then kindly share with them that you understand AND you are choosing to feed different voices.


Tend to all the parts of yourself that you would ignore.  Instead of running from your fears, name them. List them out on a piece of paper until you run out of space.  Bring them up + out into the open.

Once they are there, thank them for the space they held that is now open + free.  Make friends with them so they don’t rule your actions through shadow.


This is the work of the courageous warrior of these times.

As you practice, one step at a time, you will begin to know what it is to love yourself unconditionally.

And only then… can you love someone so fiercely that you trust they can take care of their own evolution?  Can you be present as they make their own choices and walk their own path?

And remember that the only person you are responsible for saving is yourself?

It bears repeating:

The only person you are responsible for saving is yourself.

This does not absolve us of responsibility.

It is actually the most responsible thing we can do… commit 100% to our own growth, the thoughts we feed, our feelings, our actions, the words we speak.

One of the biggest gifts we bring to the world is our own transformation.

It affects others.  


Do not discount this.