wild pendulum swings & energy management…

Posted by on Oct 13, 2016

I LOVE THE FALL! This time of the year, I tend to find an internal burst of fresh energy. Something about this particular change of season that really works well with my constitution. Interestingly, this year, I know the boost of energy isn’t just from the switch of seasons.


It has a different quality to it, a smooth, steady and sustainable feeling vs a quick, take advantage of this before it disappears feeling. This year, I’m actually ENJOYING my life more AND I’m working harder than I have in quite awhile.


The work I’ve been doing is personal & purpose related… unearthing long buried fears and not stuffing them back down, looking clearly at patterns that don’t serve me anymore, consciously choosing not to pick them up when they are offered as an option, delving deeply into my business, walking the path of the entrepreneur and all the opportunities that provides for growth. It continues to require a lot of courage.


My ego would have me believe that it requires too much energy to shift the old patterns and why don’t I just walk through life how I’ve always walked through – wildly swinging from one extreme to the next, milking the high energy so much that the lows are really low. Thank you very much ego, however I am now living from a place of detachment (and I do not mean coldness… I mean, not getting sucked into my own drama).

It takes even more energy to be:

  • attached to my own stories – this is how the world is – people aren’t to be trusted
  • attached to other peoples stories – I’ll avoid looking inside if I can help you with your problems
  • living in the coping patterns I developed as a child -adrenaline junkie anyone? procrastinating until the last minute because “I work better under pressure” – holding myself to unrealistic, made up standards that I think everyone expects me to meet


During periods of shift in our lives, management of energy is crucial if we are to align with our higher selves & move into the newer, healthier, more sustainable way of living. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, DEEP change on a collective level that is also affecting us individually. If we work with our own energy, we can better be able to support the collective shift happening in a conscious way.


Some of my tips in managing wild pendulum swings:

  • Stop energy leakage – get really clear on what drains energy and what adds to it – stop saying yes to everything & everyone.
  • Let go of worrying about what other people think when you put yourself and your passion/ purpose first (this takes much practice to master)
  • Learn your body’s signals for YES & NO – when my body says no, I take it seriously & stop what I’m doing even if my brain is still pushing me to move ahead (just one more task off the list, email, phone call, etc.).
  • Put structures into place that work – for me, it means scheduling TO-DO tasks AND also playful tasks – like watching an episode of my favorite show on my computer, taking an hour long walk at the park in the middle of the day, or having Saturday mornings off, no technology. If I only do the TO-DO tasks, I fall out of balance & start to self-sabatogue by binging on the other end and am in a wild swing before I know it.
  • BUILD LOTS OF SPACE – daily, weekly & especially around important energy expenditures (milestones, big events, personal & professional).
  • Do something completely new that you are not skilled at – this prevents me from holding myself to those ridiculously high standards and helps me to find my sense of humor… I also make a complete fool of myself on a regular basis.
  • Build the plane as you fly it – prepare, prepare again & then let go and trust you’ve got it.
  • See that both the lows AND the highs bring gifts – when I stop fighting the lows, they become richer and I move through with a deep appreciation for the human & the divine in me.
  • Practice gratitude & kindness – treating myself as precious, pausing to put hand on my heart & breath in the good times AND the bad, helps me to integrate it all.


I wouldn’t be where I am now without my many mentors & guides who have helped me in learning to recognize when I’m caught “in it” and how to cultivate my own discernment/ zoom out lens for fresh perspective.


I also wouldn’t be here without an unwavering commitment to myself and taking 100% responsibility for my life. This is where the foundational practices of meditation, yoga, self-care, self-love & kindness, sitting with & breathing have been invaluable. It takes 21 days to change a habit – many times in the shifting of one habit, we see the threads of other habits that are intertwined with that one.


When navigating the waters of transformation, oh, such as releasing a lifetime of deeply embedded pendulum swinging patterns, it takes a bit more time & a few more threads to unravel…


If you’re feeling overwhelmed in this task, schedule a free 20 minute discovery session with me to see if working together is a fit.